The Village of the Roses

Along the central street , fragrant roses of all varieties grow by the roadside, adorning the charming village.


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Good food to satisfy even the most discerning palates and welcoming lodging for tourists and others.


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Piazza Oberto, 1 - Bossolasco


Bossolasco (Bossoȓàsch in Piedmontese) is an Italian community of about 600 inhabitants in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont.
From the Latin "Buxolascum" meaning "place of boxwood forests," the town stands on a high hill above the Belbo valley at 747 meters above sea level.

Name of inhabitants: bossolaschesi
Patron saint: St. John the Baptist
Public holiday: June 24

Il paese delle rose

Thanks to its charming historic center Bossolasco, in Alta Langa, is known as the "Rose Village" and even nicknamed the "Portofino of the Langhe." Along the central street , fragrant roses of all varieties grow by the roadside, adorning the charming village.


Impeccable services and magnificent views, common to all the hoteliers, B&Bs and relais in the area, make a vacation in Alta Langa a time to remember.


The Langa is synonymous with good food, born of the modest economic conditions of its inhabitants, evolved over time by employing natural ingredients...


In Bossolasco you can engage in shopping, as in any larger city, and find the services you need for daily life.


Discover the Points Of Interest: select a destination and follow the directions. Walk or bike to discover Bossolasco and its surroundings!

itinerario Discover the 'paese delle rose'

Discover the Points of Tourist Interest located in the town center and surrounding areas: art, history, and culture in a journey that reveals the tradition between past and present. Such as:
  • St. John the Baptist Parish
  • Artist's signs
  • The Angel of the High Langa
  • Park of the Roses
And much more!

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News and EventsWhat's happening in Bossolasco

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Sulle Ali della Musica: Concerto di Natale a Bossolasco

A Bossolasco venerdì 8 dicembre alle ore 21, Concerto di Natale "Sulle Ali della Musica". Ingresso gratuito.

Castagnata di Bossolasco domenica 15 ottobre 2023

La Castagnata - Chestnut food festival ritorna con l'autunno a Bossolasco!
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Alba Music Festival in Contemporary Tango

A Bossolasco il 23 luglio 2023, Suoni dalle Colline di Langa e Roero. Ingresso gratuito.
Thanks to its picturesque historic centre, Bossolasco, in the Alta Langa, is known as 'the Land of Roses'.
Hospitality, wine and food, typical products, but also art, history, culture and tradition, make Bossolasco a popular tourist destination.

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